【英国卫报精读】侃爷推出Yeezy Beauty进军美妆界

【英国卫报精读】侃爷推出Yeezy Beauty进军美妆界
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【英国卫报精读】侃爷推出Yeezy Beauty进军美妆界



  Keeping up with Kanye: rapper and designer to launch beauty line


  1. Kanye West is set to become a beauty mogul. It’s been revealed that he’s planning expand his Yeezy line to include a range of wellness and lifestyle products.

  坎耶·维斯特(Kanye West)即将成为美容大亨。据透露,他计划扩大Yeezy产品线,该产品线生产一系列健康和生活产品。

  2. The rapper and fashion designer has filed a trademarkfor Yeezy Beauty and its products will include makeup, fake eyelashes, face masks, nail polishes, moisturisers, body oils, bath gels, shaving creams, haircare products, perfume, toothpaste, deodorant, scented pinecones and aromatherapy pillows, reports TMZ. In 2017 West filed a trademark for Donda beauty, named after his mother, which never reached fruition.

  据TMZ报道,这位说唱歌手兼时尚设计师已经为Yeezy Beauty申请了商标,其产品将包括化妆品、假睫毛、面膜、指甲油、润肤霜、身体油、沐浴啫喱、剃须膏、护发产品、香水、牙膏、除臭剂、芳香松果和香薰枕头。2017年,韦斯特用他母亲的名字为Donda beauty申请了一个商标,但是没能成功。

  3. The beauty market, which is expected to be worth $805bn (£721bn) by 2023, has been lucrativefor members of his family. KKW, the beauty line belonging to West’s wife, Kim Kardashian, reportedly made $100m (£65m) last year, according to Forbes. While in November West’s sister-in-law Kylie Jenner sold a share of her cosmetics brand Kylie Cosmetics to Cover Girl-owner Coty for $1.2bn (£948bn).

  到2023年,美容市场市值预计将达到8050亿美元(7210亿英镑),这对韦斯特家族来说是很有利的。据《福布斯》报道,韦斯特的妻子金·卡戴珊的美容品牌KKW去年赚了1亿美元(6500万英镑)。去年11月,韦斯特的小姨子凯莉·詹纳(Kylie Jenner)以12亿美元(合9480亿英镑)的价格将自己的化妆品品牌Kylie cosmetics部分股份卖给了Cover Girl的所有者Coty公司 。

  4. The influence of West’s Yeezy fashion label has been broad. In March he told the Wall Street Journal magazine that he believed Yeezy was “the McDonalds and the Apple of apparel”, and the popularity of the Boost 350 sneakers has led it to be, as of early 2019, the most searched for streetwearbrands on the luxury resalesite The Real Real. The look of Yeezy’s earth-toned body con, has also influenced the look of Kardashian’s SKIMS range.

  韦斯特的Yeezy时尚品牌影响广泛。3月,他在《华尔街日报》杂志采访中称, Boost 350球鞋会使得Yeezy成为服装界的麦当劳和苹果,截至2019年初,奢侈品转售公司The Real Real销售最好的街头风品牌是Boost 350。Yeezy大地色调的紧身质感也影响了卡戴珊的SKIMS系列。

  5. West’s last collection, Yeezy Season 8, showed at Paris Fashion Week in March this year and featured Hazmat suit-inspired looks that were influenced by his Sunday Service Choir musical venture. In the past West has collaborated with Nike, Louis Vuitton and APC, as well as his high-profileYeezy collaboration with Adidas.

  韦斯特的上一个系列Yeezy Season 8,受他的Sunday Service Choir影响,灵感来自生化防护服的时装也于今年三月在巴黎时装周展出。过去,韦斯特曾与耐克(Nike)、路易威登(Louis Vuitton)和APC合作,他也曾高调与阿迪达斯(Adidas)合作过。

  6. In April Forbes announced that West was officially a billionaire with earnings of $1.3bn (£1.04bn). His assets include a stake in the Yeezy trainer line, which Forbes described as “one of the great retail stories of the century”, plus $81m (£64.7m) in property and $21m (£16.8m) in land. His back catalogueand his record label GOOD Music are estimated to be worth around $90m (£71.8m). However, the magazine also said his debts were around £100m (£80m).

  今年4月,《福布斯》(Forbes)宣布,韦斯特正式成为亿万富翁,收入为13亿美元(10.4亿英镑)。他的资产包括Yeezy系列的股份,以及8100万美元(6470万英镑)的房地产和2100万美元(1680万英镑)的土地。《福布斯》将Yeezy系列称为“本世纪最伟大的零售传奇之一”。他的专辑和唱片公司GOOD Music估计价值约9000万美元(7180万英镑)。然而,该杂志还称,韦斯特负债约1亿英镑(8000万英镑)。

  7. West has become a controversial figure in recent years, with his outspokensupport for President Trump.


  8. Earlier this month it was announced he had set up a college fund to support George Floyd’s daughter.




  P1—P2:侃爷将推出Yeezy Beauty产品线。





  mogul /məuˈɡʌl,ˈməuɡʌl/ n. 大人物;巨头;大亨


  media mogul 媒体大亨; 媒体界泰斗; 媒体巨头;


  Tyrannical Hollywood film moguls ruled their stars’ lives.


  wellness /'welnɪs/ n. 健康


  wellness program 平安计划;健乐项目; 康乐计划;

  wellness formula 健康配方

  Wellness Tourism 养生旅游


  He will make every effort to get him to use his valuable resources in its pursuit of wellness.  


  trademark /'treɪdmɑːk/ n. (注册)商标


  registered trademark 注册商标

  trademark law 商标法

  famous trademark 著名商标;驰名商标

  trademark infringement 商标侵权;侵犯商标专用权

  patent and trademark office 专利与商标局


  Many goods in China have the trademarks of a panda.


  makeup /'meɪkʌp/ n. 天性, 化妆品, 补充, 虚构, 组成, 结构, 补考, 体格


  makeup water 化妆水

  makeup remover 卸妆水


  She disguised the spots on her face with make-up.


  fake eyelash假睫毛


  These fake eyelashes itch like crazy.


  face mask /ˈfeɪsˌmæsk/ 口罩


  Wearing a face mask can help prevent that from happening.


  nail polish n. 指甲油,趾甲油


  nail polish remover 洗甲水;指甲油清洗剂;卸甲油


  You could say that nail polish is preservative free!





  moisture n. 潮湿;水分;降雨量;湿度

  moistener 湿润器,喷水装置


  Although moisturiser is beneficial, "layer upon layer will actually clog up pores, so one good application is enough, " she said.  


  body oil身体乳


  This is my favorite body oil! It feels amazing and so refreshing. I love my new routine in the morning.  


  bath gel沐浴露


  perfumed bath shower gel 芳香浴沐浴露;沐浴香氛的沐浴露;香水浴沐浴露

  shaving cream n. 刮胡膏,剃须膏


  And I will put shaving cream on your pillow.


  haircare product护发用品


  Sarah decided to move west to Denver, Colorado. She did not want to compete with companies in Saint Louis that made hair-care products.


  deodorant /dɪ'əʊd(ə)r(ə)nt/  n. 除臭剂,体香剂; adj. 除臭的,防臭的;


  deodorant soap 除臭皂; 抑臭皂;

  deodorant stick 祛臭锭


  She applies deodorant to her armpits after she showers.

  沐浴后, 她在腋下涂上除臭剂。

  scented pinecone香薰松果


  I went into the house and brought out a treasure of my own: a pinecone, opened, full of odor and resin, which I adored.  


  aromatherapy pillow香薰枕头

  aromatherapy /əˌrəʊməˈθerəpi:/ n. 芳香疗法(用天然芳香油镇痛或按摩时揉入体内),用香料按摩


  Aromatherapy Salon 香疗美容沙龙

  Aromatherapy perfumes 香熏香水

  Hydro Aromatherapy 香熏凝聚精华

  Aromatherapy Necklace 精油瓶项链


  And it was an aromatherapy candle, for serenity and calm.

  那是有镇静作用的 芳香疗法蜡烛。

  fruition /frʊ'ɪʃ(ə)n/ n. 完成,成就;结果实


  come to fruition 实现; 成熟


  Hope is a great falsifier of truth;let skill guard against this by ensuring that fruition exceeds desire.


  lucrative /'luːkrətɪv/ adj. 获利多的, 赚钱的


  She has a lucrative business selling leather goods.

  她做皮货生意, 利润丰厚。

  cosmetic /kɒz'metɪk/ adj. 美容的;化妆用的n. 化妆品;装饰品


  cosmetic surgery 整容手术;整容外科

  cosmetic industry 化妆品工业

  cosmetic products 化妆品

  cosmetic bag 化妆包;化妆袋

  cosmetic mirror 化妆镜

  cosmetic brush 化妆笔;粉刷


  She's obviously had some sort of cosmetic surgery.


  body con  ['bɔdikɔn] adj. (形容女裙)紧身的,修身的


  Kate Winslet was a vision in blue at a London film premiere this week. Her stunning body-con dress had clearly been made to measure by Stella McCartney.




  Readers will be intrigued by the sleek blue snake and his whimsical, earth-toned captives.  


  apparel /ə'pær(ə)l/ n. 衣服;服装vt. 给…穿衣


  apparel company 成衣公司

  wearing apparel 衣服


  Those luxurious apparels open with coquet under the moisture of sullages, posy by posy. With such beauty. Sleepless.


  streetwear 街头风


  And there's been a big streetwear trend, which has filtered through.


  resale /riː'seɪl/ n. 转售;零售;再贩卖


  Although the clothes resale business is still small, it is quickly growing.


  collaborate with与…勾结;与…合作


  Collaborate with people who have complementary expertise.


  high-profile adj. 高调的;备受瞩目的;知名度高的


  This high profile case dates back to 1991.


  back catalogue n.    (歌手等的)以往歌曲目录,过往作品


  Arsenal played well in patches and they were in with a chance until Alex added to his back catalogue of free-kick screamers.


  record label唱片公司;记录标记


  A record label executive heard it and offered her a record contract.


  outspoken /aʊt'spəʊk(ə)n/ adj. 直言的;坦率的


  It is possible to be outspoken without being rude.


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