展讯 丨“0界——当代艺术展”即将线上呈现

展讯 丨“0界——当代艺术展”即将线上呈现
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  Curators (in alphabetical order)

  孟生 (Rorí Mencin)

  桑德拉· 米尔达· 帕廷(Sandra Miranda  Pattin)

  庸现(Juan Xu)王彤(Tong Wang)

  王志刚(Zhigang Wang)萧尚(Xiao Shang)

  熊云皓(Yunhao Xiong) 张瑜洋(Yuyang Zhang)

  主办 Sponsor


  Royal  Danish Embassy in Beijing


  German  IO Art  Exchange Association


  Xiamen Nordic  Contemporary  Art  Center

  协办 Organizer

展讯 丨“0界——当代艺术展”即将线上呈现

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展讯 丨“0界——当代艺术展”即将线上呈现

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展讯 丨“0界——当代艺术展”即将线上呈现

  “0界——当代艺术展”作为一个线上展览即将于2020年的7月份陆续呈现。本次展览由孟生(美国)、桑德拉· 米尔达· 帕廷(哥伦比亚)、庸现(德国)、王彤(瑞典)、王志刚、萧尚、熊云皓、张瑜洋8位国际、国内策展人联合策划,丹麦王国驻华大使馆、德国IO交流协会、厦门北欧当代艺术中心主办;今日·ART、亚洲艺术协办。“0界”展聚焦疫情之下全球艺术家面对因疫情而正在不断解构的政治、经济、文化生态的所思所想。

  "Zero Edge -- Contemporary Art Exhibition" will be presented as an online exhibition in July 2020. This exhibition is planned by 8 international and domestic curators including Rorí Mencin (USA), Sandra Miranda  Pattin(Columbia),Juan Xu (Germany), Tong Wang(Sweden), Zhigang Wang, Xiao Shang, Yunhao Xiong and Yuyang Zhang. It is sponsored by Royal Danish Embassy in China, German IO Art Exchange Association and Xiamen Nordic Contemporary Art Center which co-organized by Art Today and Asian Art. "Zero Edge" show focuses on the thoughts of artists around the world being deconstructed by the epidemic  in political, economic and cultural ecology field.


  The exhibition is divided into Chinese, European, US and Latin America sections at the moment, and sections from other countries and regions are also being updated. Please stay tuned.



  A sudden outbreak of disease broke out, and quickly spread to every corner of the world. No matter how you react to the effects of this novel coronavirus: fear, cursing, contempt, or confusion ; in any case, the epidemic is here! As Heidegger said: "existence is the basis for the appearance and presentation of existence." The epidemic that has swept across all continents has, for the first time turned the sensational-sounding, somewhat formulaic concept of "global integration" into a reality that truly transcends national institutions, clans, and cultures.

  法国哲学家雅克·德里达(Jacques Derrida)将他的解构主义视为一种病毒。在这里,病毒意味着它可以战胜无所不在的障碍,不断自我繁殖,从而成为颠覆政治话语的完美隐喻。当下,难以阻挡的新冠病毒也正解构着全球固化的经济、文化及政治理念,道德标准,正确与错误,你与我的边界。这场发生在后现代之后的解构远比德里达对逻各斯主义的解构来得更加凶猛与彻底。我们不能设想后疫情时代里人类重新选择踏入一个被撕裂的社会族群。但反思历史,人类的愚蠢与自私却在一次次历史的轮回中得以再现,不得不说,这种局面已然崭露头角,并令人极度不安。我们似乎正处于一个全人类的合法化危机状态下的临界点——疫情引发的经济危机正在由经济领域转嫁到政治、文化和社会的其他领域。而此时此刻,艺术家又该做些什么?

  The French philosopher Jacques Derrida saw his deconstructionism as a virus. In this case, a “virus” means that it can overcome ubiquitous obstacles and reproduce itself, thus, making it the perfect metaphor for subverting political discourse. At present, the unstoppable novel coronavirus is also deconstructing the globally solidified economic, cultural and political ideals, moral standards, right and wrong, and the boundary between you and me. Likewise, this post-modern deconstruction is far fiercer and more thorough than Derrida's deconstruction of logocentrism. We cannot envisage a post-epidemic world in which humanity willingly chooses to step into a torn community. But when we reflect on the past, the foolishness and selfishness of  humanity are often reproduced in the cycles of history, and we have to admit that things seem to be disturbingly occurring again in accordance with these principles. We seem to be at a tipping point in a legitimate crisis for all of humanity- an economic crisis triggered by the epidemic that is shifting into other areas of political, cultural, and social intrigue. In light of this, what should artists do?

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