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  On September 15, 2020, the Beijing promotion meeting of Huiming tea from Jingning She ethnic group Autonomous County, Lishui City, Zhejiang Province was held in Tangshan Hotel.





  More than 150 people, including Mr.Yu Guanting, the leader of the domestic tea industry, Mr.Weng Kun, former Secretary-General of the national tea industry-standard committee, Dr. Li Jiaqi, Professor of China Agricultural University, Ms. Chen Zhaoyu, director of tea industry development center of Jingning She ethnic group autonomous county agriculture and rural Bureau, national tea etiquette master and local tea merchants, were invited to attend the seminar.



  Huiming tea, named after the monk (Huiming), has a good reputation of "Millennium Huiming, Centennial Gold Award". Huiming tea grows and develops under the protection of monks. Its growth cannot do without the moistening of Buddhist culture. If you taste Huiming tea, stop at Huiming temple and enter Huiming village, you can have a feeling as if the Millennium Tea Zen has come to you.




  In the long history of thousands of years, Huiming tea became a tribute to the royal court as early as the 18th year of Chenghua in the Ming Dynasty (1482 A.D.). Jingning not only has a superior ecological environment but also has good soil properties and a specific high-quality microclimate which are very suitable for the growth of tea. In the tea plantation, there is birds' twitter all around and you can see brightly colored flowers blooming everywhere. The permanent clouds and mist are there to moisten the tea trees all year round. As the tea leaves gather the essence of the sun and the moon, absorb the spirit of the mountains and earth, and condense the air of clouds and mist, incomparable quality of "Lan Xiang Guo Yun"(orchid and fruit rhyme) forms. For this reason, Huiming tea has repeatedly won gold medals in various competitions. It won the first-class certificate and gold medal at the World Expo Panama in 1915 and won the gold award of famous tea competition in the Shanghai World Expo in 2010. Now Huiming tea is a national geographical indication protection product, "famous tea of Chinese culture", and "top ten famous tea of Zhejiang" for two consecutive sessions. Jingning has also won the title of "hometown of Chinese famous tea", "hometown of Chinese tea culture" and other honorary titles.



  In the book "Mountains Have Trees and Trees Have Branches" by Lan Hong, a scholar of the She ethnic group, you can find a strong passion for the national home which adds luster to the ethnic culture.


  The famous singer Chang Xiao sang the folk songs of "Swan Goose" and "Balangzai" to boost the promotion.



  Tea artists of She ethnic group showed tea art on the spot to create a peaceful and solemn atmosphere.



  Let's savor a cup of Huiming tea slowly, and through the delicate tea fragrance feel the strong friendship of our She ethnic group compatriots in Jingning.





  Mr. Yu Guanting, Mr. Weng Kun, and Ms. Chen Zhaoyu respectively told the story of "Millennium Huiming, Centennial Gold Award".



  Mr. Kuang Caifeng, Chairman of Zhejiang Jiuqu Tea Industry Co., Ltd. gave a speech of thanks.




  Finally, Mr. Yang Xiaohong and Mr. Kuang Caifeng, chairman of Zhejiang Jiuqu Tea Co., Ltd., signed a "strategic alliance proposal for promoting Huiming tea".






  The promotion meeting was successfully concluded with the mellow and rich Huiming tea, beautiful music ceremony, and unique national amorous feelings. May the national brand glow in new high spirits.(图片提供:浙江九曲茶业开发有限公司)

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