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  一、议论文:the trend of the on-line payment 电子支付方式的趋势

  Living in an era full of chances, changes and challenges, one cannot fail to be exposed to the online payment provided by Alibaba and Tencent, which unanimously arouse more public concern about its pros and cons. Surely enough, the implication conveyed by this phenomenon is quite thought-provoking.

  A vast array of people believe that the advanced online payment technology would exert a great influence over individuals’ daily life, with the consumers’ quality of life mainly depending onthe advantage of convenience and security. If this is the case, thenpeople can take advantage of the internet technology, saving a lot of time. Conversely, without the electronic payment, they would sink into the dilemma that much time would be spent in doing things of little importance. Besides, it is imperative that the government issue relevant laws and regulations on e-commerce, which can be considered equally crucial and essential.

  To put it in a nutshell, it is high time that authorities paid due attention to this double-edged sword, which might lay a solid foundation for a more advanced society. Only by doing so can we live and thrive better in the contemporary community. Technology is fire, lighting the lamp of progress. It is the lamp, brightening the road of prosperity.


  生活在一个充满机遇,变化和挑战的时代,人们一定会了解阿里巴巴和腾讯提供的在线支付,这引起了公众对其利弊的一致关注。确实,这种现象所表达的含义是非常发人深省的。    首先,许多经济学家认为,先进的在线支付技术将对个人日常生活产生重大影响,伴随着消费者的生活品质主要依赖于它的便利、安全的优势。如果是这种情况,那么人们可以合理利用网络技术,节省时间。 相反,没有电子支付,人们会陷入困境:他们花费很多时间做毫无意义的事情。此外,政府应该颁布和施行有关电子商务的法律法规,这也被认为同等重要。    简而言之,综上所述,是时候当局应适当重视这把双刃剑,它为更先进的社会奠定坚实的基础。只有这样,我们才能在当代社会中更好地生存与发展。科技是火,点燃进步之灯。它是灯,照亮繁荣之路。

  二、Announcement 光盘公告


  September 19, 2020

  With extravagance becoming increasingly pervasive, the authority has shown a heightened concern. In order to enhance students’ awareness offrugality, the Students’ Union will initiate a campaign called “Clear Your Plate”.

  The details can be listed as follows. Above all, the main point to center on is that good eating habits are part and parcel of health, which would exert a fundamental and instrumental influence on personal growth. The activity will be held on October 1, lasting a whole month. On top of that, seeing that the theme conveyed by this event is a perfect combination of a sense ofpersonal responsibility and collectivism, it is indispensable and inevitable to mention relevant rules of supervision should be established such as food on ration, a wastage fine and the like. Lastly, it is critical that all students in the university pay attention to this campaign, which can be considered equally crucial and essential.

  With all the information mentioned above, if you have any question, please contact us via su@163.com. Where there is trouble, there is our sincere help. Looking forward to your participation!

  The Students’ Union









  As is depicted in the drawing, there appears an adult, opening his mouth, enjoying his dinner, with the expression of satisfaction, with all varieties of wild animals included in a gigantic hamburger , as if he were eating the earth.

  The caption of the sketch demonstrates the theme of ecological balance, which is thought-provoking.

  Then, what are the reasons supporting my argument? First and foremost, the most important element to consider is that the awareness of environmental protection is indispensable and inevitable, which would lay a solid foundation for the decline of material enjoyment. With people’s standard of living improving, an increasing number of people hunt wild animals, excessively going for material satisfaction. It is no denying that human desire is part and parcel in leading to the phenomenon. Plus, never can strict/ harsh rules and regulations to protect the environment and sustain ecological balance be ignored in the society of peace, progress and prosperity. As is universally acknowledged, no deal; no kill. Last but not least, it is imperative that we should pay attention to sustainable development, which can be considered equally fundamental and instrumental.

  To put in a nutshell, with all the analysis mentioned above, it is high time that we valued the protection of wildlife. Only by implementing relevant law and punishing the misbehavior in causing environmental destruction/ deterioration can we better survive and thrive .





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